At the turn of the twentieth century, John Dewey envisioned education as a means to promote a democratic society, encouraging and supporting involvement in civic activities in order to realize the full potential of its citizens and communities. A century later, we still strive to achieve Dewey’s vision. Civic Responsibility and Higher Education , edited by Thomas Ehrlich, explains the theory and practice of civic learning and provides practical examples of programs that prepare students for lives of civic engagement.

Civic Responsibility and Higher Education will be of significant interest to everyone concerned about American democracy and its future, as well as the future of higher education in this country. The volume particularly addresses the concerns of faculty and administrators as they prepare their students and institutions for increasing levels of civic responsibility. With profound and practical insight, 21 thought-provoking essays stress the importance of civic responsibility in higher education and engage the reader with provocative ideas and solutions about how to incorporate this responsibility into the curriculum for colleges and universities.

Ehrlich, an authority in the field of civic education, has gathered the essays contained in this book from renowned experts. Together, they cover such pertinent issues as:
• Citizenship development and the American college student
• Supporting greater community involvement for students and institutions in the digital age
• The integration of higher, secondary, and primary education systems to develop civic responsibility
• The renewal of the democratic spirit in American colleges and universities